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4 Great Books To Help Your Children With The Move

4 Great Books To Help Your Children With The Move

Moving home can be a stressful time for all involved, but for children it can be especially hard. Older children may be leaving friends behind and younger children can just find the whole thing very confusing and disorientating. Here are some good children's books which help kids to understand that moving home isn't so bad...

Moving House - by Usborne First Experiences
For very young children, gently introducing them to the process of moving house. This book makes the whole concept of moving fun, with an amusing story and some beautiful illustrations. There is also a sticker book version for a little more interaction.

We're Moving - by Heather Maisner, Houghton Mifflin Company
A lovely story book about a pre-schooler, called Amy, who doesn't want to move and say good-bye to her best friend as well as leave the garden she planted with the help of her dad. The illustrations and story will encourage younger children to discuss any concerns that they may have about moving house.

The Moving Book - A Kids' Survival Guide - by Gabriel Davis (First Books Inc)
An excellent book about moving house for older children (approximately 8-13 years), dealing with everything, from how to cope with anxiety about moving to how to keep in touch with friends they are leaving behind.

The Mission of Detective Mike : Moving Abroad - by Simone T. Costa Eriksson
This book is great for families moving abroad. It is written by a psychologist and expatriate and deals with a child's fears over moving to another country and what that entails, like what will happen to their toys and learning a new language.

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