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3 Things To Remember To Do When You Move

3 Things To Remember To Do When You Move

Register to vote

You don't get automatically registered to vote when you move to your new address and clearly, if you aren’t registered, you can't vote for your parliamentary representative.

Remember that, unlike before, when one person could register all other members of a household, now every individual has to register themselves.

Another thing to note is that, in order to help prevent fraud, credit reference agencies use the electoral register to confirm where you live. So if you aren't on it, you'll unlikely be accepted for credit. So whether you plan to vote or not, registering to can at least help boost your credit score.

You can register on the site.

Check your council tax band

If you live in one of the staggering 400,000 homes in England and Scotland which have been in the incorrect band since 1991, you may need your band lowered which can mean a backdated payout. The most important thing to do is check which bands your neighbours  in similar properties are in, using the Valuation Office Agency (for England and Wales). If they are in lower bands, you may have a claim. You should be sure before you do claim though, as you can't simply ask for your band to be lowered, you can only apply for a 'reassessment', which means your band could be raised!

Sort out previous residents' post

Yes, it's annoying and may not seem like it's of any benefit to you, but it is to some degree and certainly is for the previous owner. If you move in to find piles of the previous owner's post on the floor, remember - you can't legally open it and you shouldn't throw it away either.

What you should do is send the post back to the sender, letting them know not to send any further mail, which will also prompt them to find the new address for the intended recipient.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to write on the post, 'return to sender, not at this address' and drop it in the letterbox. It could bring you good karma!

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